Top Ten Teething Essentials

We have scoured the market looking for the best teething products available and have put together this list of our ‘Top Ten Teething Essentials’ to help you make the best decision for you and your little piggy.

1. Matchstick Monkey
A silicone teething toy, teething gel/granule applicator and training toothbrush all in one! Incredibly cute design and affordable so these little guys easily nab the top spot as our number one essential teething product.

Coming to market very soon with for £10.00

Matchstick monkey

2. Num Num Teething Necklaces
The must have teething product for mums who enjoy looking good, feeling great and to keep the little ones busy! They can chew away whilst you catch up with friends and play with it whilst they’re being fed – ingenious!

Available from from £11.99

Num Num Teething necklaces

3. Amber Teething Anklets
We love the natural pain relief from teething that these gorgeous anklets offer. The Baltic amber contains succinite which, when warmed by the body is released and absorbed by the skin. This then acts like a natural ibuprofen to block pain and reduce inflammation – some parents have even noticed that it reduces the dribbling, result!

Available from from £11.99

Amber Teething Anklets

4. Beech Nibblers
Wooden teethers seem to be growing in popularity and these stunning beech nibblers are our favourite. Available in a range of colour ways and providing textured and smooth surfaces for sore gums, these are also sure to be a favourite with your little piggy. They can also come gift boxed so would make a lovely present for any soon to be suffering parents!

Available from from £13.99

Beech Nibblers

5. Dribble Bibs
Dribbling is one of those symptoms that can only really be managed, and what better way to do it than with these stunning Bilibib dribble bibs. Each one is hand made in the UK and is super absorbent with a luxury micro fleece backing to keep the damp away from soft skin. An absolute essential for all little piggy’s wardrobes!

Available from for £4.00 each

Dribble Bibs

6. Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub
Another natural option to help relieve teething pains, this cheek rub is 100% organic and combines Arnica, Sweet Almond, Lavender and Roman Chamomile to calm and soothe your teething little piggy.

Available from for £7.50

Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub

7. Dribble Stop Tops
For any extreme dribbly teethers out there, these clever vests have been designed with a waterproof pocket covering the chest and an extra high neckline to maximise coverage. Keeping your little piggy dryer for longer, reducing the need to change outfits every hour and reducing the risk of a horrible angry dribble rash.

Available from for £14.99 per pack of 2

Dribble Stop Tops

8. Bubba Bags
With a toolbag or handbag to choose from, these Gumigem Bubba Bags offer teething relief and distraction from any pain. Each design comes with four teething toys and the free-standing bag makes it easy to take them out and about so you can always be ready to tackle the teething trauma.

Available from for £21.95

Bubba Bags

9. Silicone Toothbrush and Toothpaste
The importance of looking after milk teeth as soon as they pop out is often underestimated. Protect their fresh little pearly whites straight away with a soft silicone toothbrush and a tiny blob of natural toothpaste from Jack n’ Jill. The silicone toothbrush will be easy on their sore gums and the toothpaste will ensure their teeth are protected right from day one.

Available from from £3.99

Silicone Toothbrush and Toothpaste

10. Kisses, cuddles and cold vegetables <3
There are not a lot of things that snuggles with mummy and daddy can’t fix and we would definitely advise lots of these for any struggling little piggies. They may feel a little down and sorry for themselves so put their favourite film on, cut up some cool cucumber sticks and pop them on your lap for some quiet time.

Available at home – absolutely free!

Gemma Spencer


Gemma Spencer

I always get my amber from Love Amber x
They have lots of colours and designs and I even got some made for my son. Love it
You can buy them here
Good luck. Its a tough journey but it will be over soon!

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