Getting your little piggy to sleep peacefully in their own bed is something that we all strive for but is definitely easier said than done. Cuddlemates were designed by a UK mum who had this exact issue with her son and was regularly up until the early hours trying to settle him down. They have been specially designed to comfort your little one as they drift off to the land of nod and come in two different sizes dependant on their age. Up until 12 months, the Cuddlemate can be used to encourage tummy time, help prop them up as they learn to sit unaided and they even come with a removable outer layer so you can smother it with all of your yummy mummy and daddy smells before tucking them up in bed. After 12 months, little ones love to wrap both their arms and legs around their new friend to get super snuggly. There are three loveable characters to choose from and whichever you go for, you can be sure that your youngster will love their new bedtime pal.

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Buddy the Dog
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JoJo the Giraffe
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Tilly the Tiger
From £19.99
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