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Getting toddlers out of the bath can be a little tricky if they are having plenty of fun flooding the bathroom, and you may feel like you need another pair of hands when trying to lift your baby out and get them wrapped up as soon as possible. However we have found a range of towels to entertain the bigger piggies and help out the parents of the babies that aren’t quite at the stage to jump out themselves.

Whether you used to hold a towel between your teeth, under your chin or just awkwardly bend down whilst resting it on your chest, rest assured that there is another way! Cuddledry have created beautiful hooded apron towels which mean you have both hands free to bathe, pick up and then snuggle your baby piggy until they are all dry. The unique double layer hood helps to draw the water away from babies skin and hair getting them warm and cosy as fast as possible.

For the toddlers, Zoochini hooded towels we believe, are the best animal towels around – each design has hand grabs so your little one can really get into character whilst drying off, and they are also made from 100% cotton so are lovely and soft on their skin.

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