Our Story

This Little Piggy went to market...
...resulting in the need for a major clean up in aisle four

This Little Piggy stayed at home...
...redecorating the lounge walls with her breakfast remains

This Little Piggy had roast beef...
...and the entire contents of his left nostril

This Little Piggy had none...
 ...because apparently he no longer likes roast beef!

And this Little Piggy went wee wee wee...
 ...all over the kitchen floor!!


Hello, I'm Gemma, mummy to three beautiful boys and founder of This Little Piggy Online. I have created a new, engaging and relatable shopping experience for anyone that has a little person (or people) in their life. I have brought together my own experiences with my little piggies to create unique collections of quality products in order to make the lives of parents a little easier and, on the occasion where there is no hope, then just to try and inject a little fun into the chaos instead.

I am also extremely proud that a number of our products are made and/or designed by mums and dads in the UK. Wherever possible I would love to continue this and so if you think you may have a product that would fit in with the This Little Piggy brand, please give me a shout - I would love to hear from you.

As you can imagine, there is no end to the difficulties we all face as parents and I plan to build collections for as many of these possible. So, be the first to hear about brand new ranges as they are released by joining our growing family.



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