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Baby Blooming Bath


Bathing babies that cannot yet fully support themselves can make bath time slightly awkward and if you have chosen to use the main bathtub then it can also be a major strain on your back. The Baby Blooming Bath has taken away this trouble by creating a super soft and squidgy support for your little piggy and will conform to fit any sink and most traditional plastic baby baths. The plush petals cuddle baby so you have both hands free to get them nice and clean and safely lift them out when it’s time.

They have been designed to suit babies up to one year, but also act as a great comfort for toddlers moving up to the big bath!

Once the excess water has been squeezed out, the Baby Blooming Bath only takes about 10-15 minutes in the tumble dryer or can be hung up to dry with the tag on the back.

  • Material: super soft, polyester plush on the top, the centre is a high quality polyurethane foam and the reverse is made from a durable polyester mesh
  • Suitable from birth
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